Clare Arbuthnott

Presenting Clare Arbuthnott Art, Scottish artist whose stunning watercolor paintings capture the beauty and energy of the natural world. Her distinctive style blends traditional techniques with a contemporary approach, resulting in works that are both realistic and expressive. Clare’s prints transport you to the Scottish countryside, immersing you in the beauty of rolling hills, wildflowers, and misty lochs. Her skillful use of color, light, and texture brings each landscape and floral arrangement to life, making you feel as if you’re standing right there in the midst of it all. As an elected member of The Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour, Clare’s work is highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Her paintings & prints have been exhibited in galleries throughout the UK and internationally, and have won numerous awards and accolades.

A print by Clare Arbuthnott RSW is not just a beautiful addition to your home or collection, it’s an investment in an artist with a deep love for her craft. Her work is a true testament to the power of art to inspire, uplift, and connect us to the natural world.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting to build your art collection, a print by Clare Arbuthnott RSW is sure to bring joy and beauty to your life. Her work captures the essence of the Scottish landscape and flora, and is a celebration of the beauty and wonder of the natural world. Don’t miss the opportunity to add one of her stunning prints to your collection today!

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Showing 1–15 of 24 results

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