Greer Ralston

Greer Ralston B.A.

Flowers, Figure and Fauna

Greer Ralston graduated from Glasgow School of Art in the 1980’s when her work was mainly portrait/figurative based which was very reflective of the trend in GSA at the time. After graduating she went on to exhibit in the National Portrait Gallery in London and was awarded the Greenshields International Scholarship for figurative painting.

In the early years Greer focussed mainly on commissions as well as working as a part time lecturer. She now paints full time but still runs a small number of private workshops and classes.
As well as figurative painting, in recent years her interest has settled on nature and in particular flowers with peonies being a favourite. She sees these pieces as individual portraits of flowers, occasionally large in scale, depicting them in a more sculptural and less domestic manner.

The flower is very much the main element of the composition, whether it emerges from the darkness, is spot lit or occasionally with wild flowers as part of a minimal landscape. The flower is always the star of the show.

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